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Sand Supply, Reclamation & Recycling


3 in 1 suction hopper barge

The principal feature of all dredgers in this category is that the loosened material is raised from its in-situ state in suspension through a pipe system connected to a centrifugal pump. Various means can be employed to achieve the initial loosening of the material. If it is naturally very loose, suction alone may be sufficient, but firmer material may require mechanical loosening or the use of water jets. Hydraulic dredging is most efficient when working with fine materials, because they can easily be held in suspension. Coarser materials – and even gravel – can be worked but with a greater demand on pump power and with greater wear on pumps and pipes.

These suction pipes will lower into the seabed using our ships crane, upon reaching the seabed we shall jet propelled water through the pipeline causing a venturi effect to propel the seabed material up into the hull of our vessel while staying almost stationary.

After the dredging process has completed, our dredgers are able to sail to the designated discharging area whereby the sand will be purged using a conveyor belt system out of the hull.

Dredging speed and Discharging speed will vary according to size and capacity of the individual dredgers.